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Supported units

Below is listed the types of units that can currently be connected to directly from the software.

We are happy to add more unit types to the list. Contact us for more information or to request support for a specific unit type.

Type Sync Replay Remote Gun Notes
Black Box P X X X X Read more
Ipico Elite P X X X Replay stops timing temporarily
Ipico Lite P X X Replay via file
RFID Timing Ultra P X X
MyLaps P/A (X) (X) (X) Requires external software in most cases. Units supporting P3 protocol works with no additional software.
race result P/A X X X Remote requires race result login*
Trident Time Machine P/A X X X X
Impinj reader P X

Type: (P)assive and (A)ctive systems
Sync: Can the clock be synchronized with PC time?
Replay: Can the unit be replayed after e.g. a network failure?
Remote: Can we receive readings from the unit via a cloud-service?
Gun: Can the software detect start pistol/marker impulses from the unit?

race|result remote

To use race|result remote, you must have a race|result website login and your units must be set to upload to your customer ID.

For BBT to connect to the remote units, you need to enter your race|result login into two advanced settings (server settings or event-specific settings):

After changing settings, please restart the timing server and the option will appear.

Optionally, you can have your login automatically added to all the BBT installations belonging to your license. Contact us for more information on this.