Create event + webpage in BBT

There are two ways to create an event and an associated website using the BBT event management software:

  1. Setup the event directly in the BBT timing software (backend) as detailed below. Simultaniously a simple web page for the event is created on This web page can be refined at any point to present a proper event web site to the public.
  2. Setup the event using the BBT web browser tool which is available when logged into an account on This allows you to create or edit an event and the associated web site in the same process. Click here (Create event + webpage online) to see how to set up and edit an event using the BBT web browser tool.

Here is how to create an event in the BBT timing software (backend):

  • Start the BBT timing software pressing the BBT icon on your desktop
  • Now press “Start timing”

  • Press “+ Create/Import event”

  • You now have to set up your event choosing between:
  1. Creating the event from scratch. This is often the case case when you receive the list of participants from the event director
  2. Importing the event from This is the case if you are using our BBT Registration software to set up and handle participation signups online. Click here (Import event from BB Reg) to see how to import an event created online into the BBT timing software.

Note that importing an event is the easiest way to setup the event in the BBT timing software.