Ex. "Traditional" event

Create a simple event with one 5km race started in waves by following these steps:

Once the event has been created it is possible to create the races within the event. In this case there is only one (5km) race.

If a race is started in waves these should now be created.

Next the file with all the chip numbers must be imported.

Notice: If the event has been created online using the BB Registration software on bbtiming.com (accessable once you have created a profile on bbtiming.com) the chip file is automatically uploaded to the event - making the setup as easy as possible.

Next step is to setup the points where a time stamp will be registed such as Start, Finish and Split points.

You now add the timing units you will be using to time the race. For much more informaiton about setting up the timing units please refer to Timing devices (hardware)

You then add the physical locations where the timing units will be positioned.

You now have to tell the system which timing unit is used in which physical location of timing.

Conclude by matching the timing units and timing points.

If a race has waves the final step in the setup is defining the start of each of these waves.

Please note that BlackBoxTiming offers a complete event management software solution. This solution supports and facilitates the whole process from online setup of an event (including the creation of a webpage for the event and handling participation signup and payments), over the actual timing of the event, to presentation of the results and personalized details of the race.

Please go to bbtiming.com to find out more about our complete event management software solution and how you get it for free to save operational costs, save time, and minimize stress on race day.