Agent / company access

Give access to groups or companies to sign up employees on credit and compile all payments on one invoice.

Example: A company wants to sign up for a race. They get Agent access which is a code for all employees to sign up without having to pay on the spot. All payments will be compiled on the Agent and must be paid by the Agent manager/representative from the company.

Create an Agent access by going to Online registration and Agent access. Click Create new and fill out the details for the company representative and the company it self.

  • Shop

Decide whether or not they are allowed to purchase from the shop.

  • Add voucher

Add a voucher for everyone signing up with the agent code.

  • Self payment by the participants

If the company only covers part of the registration fee and the participants must pay for the remaining.

  • Max participants

Max number of participants signing up with the agent code.

  • Race and price category

If only given access to specific distances/races and/or price categories.

  • Deadline

Deadline for when to sign up.

Backend of the agent access for the company representative / responsible of the agent access

The Agent code is for the representative to use in order to sign up to the Agent access and view signups as well as to pay the order.

The Public agent code is for the employees to use when registering for the event.

The representative can log in to the dashboard by going to the URL (bold is the event id) /event/13187/agent/ - there's also a direct link at the bottom of where you created the agent access and the representative will receive an e-mail as well.

When the representative is logged in to the dashboard, he/she can view all sign ups and make changes.

When everyone has signed up, this is where the order must be paid.