When on the same local network as the master timing computer, the built-in web server can be used to access results data live from the software.

This can for instance be useful for TV production, custom big screen displays etc.

The basic endpoint is the same as the regular web interface/commentator display (for example http://localhost). All requests are made using GET requests to the specific endpoints, with any parameters added as query string parameters. The response will be given in JSON format.


All endpoints should be prefixed with /api/1.1. Example: http://localhost/api/1.1/event/races

Endpoint Parameters Description
/event/races None List all races
/timing/locations None List all timing locations
/timing/points None List all timing points
/timing/raceclock race_id (required) Get the current race clock and gun start time of a given race
/results/toplist race_id (required),
page, page_size
List all finishers of the given race, in position order
/results/toplistforpoint race_id (required),
point_id (required),
gender (optional),
page, page_size
List all participants, in position order for a specific timing point
/results/latest point_id,
page, page_size
List the most recent passes of either a specific timing point or timing location (one of the is required )
/results/list race_id,
page, page_size
List all results in the event, regardless of finish status. Optional filtering on race, race number or text search
/results/leaders race_id (required),
gender (optional),
Show the leaderboard of a specific race, optionally filtered by gender
/results/participant race_id (optional),
result_id (optional)
racenum (optional)
Get the result of a single participant, including split times. At least one of result_id or racenum should be specified. race_id can be used to distinguish if multiple participants have the same race number.

Default values if not set: page =1, page_size = 50.