System overview

The BBT timing software is made up of three components:

  1. Welcome program: This is the first thing you see when starting BBT. This launcher helps you start and connect to a master computer and opens up a client for you. It also handles software updates, your license etc.
  2. Master (server): This is the heart of the timing software. The master is mostly invisible but is the essence of BBT. It is the component handling all the timing, connecting to remote units and systems, and doing all the hard work. The master uses a database to store all the information.
  3. Client: This is the desktop program that enables you see and control the server graphically.

This way of organising the software allows you to connect as many clients as you want to the master making it possible for an infinite number of people to work on the same event at the same time.

You can even control the master remotely if only you have an Internet connection between the master computer and you own device. This is particularly useful for providing fast support for people in the field.

Welcome program

When starting BBT you have to choose between starting the master on the local computer or selecting another master on the local network or internet. Any master that is started on the network will be listed automatically.

The program will also let you know if the computer clock is out of sync (compared to accurate internet time servers), if software updates are available, etc.


The timing master (server) is the heart of the software and handles most of the tasks, including:

  • Connecting to external devices such as timing units, clocks, etc.
  • Storing and updating event data, participants, results, etc.
  • Computing and processing times
  • Synchronizing data with external websites
  • Capturing video
  • Providing web interface to live results, late entry services, etc.
  • Most other timing tasks…

The master itself is almost invisible. However, the bottom right of the screen will indicate if the master is running. By pressing it you are given the option to shut it down.


The client is the user interface of the BBT timing software.

Once connected to a master, you can move on to what really matters: Timing your event!