Keeping the overview

BBT has been designed to quickly give you an overview of the current status on all operations.

In case of a critical situation, such as disconnection from the server, disconnection of a timing unit or similar, the entire client title bar will turn from blue to red, as in the above screenshot.

The status bar at the bottom of the program will also turn red in case of errors and will help you identify what is wrong.

'Timing' view

Select the 'Timing' view in the left-hand menu to get the most detailed status overview.

On the left, the 'Overall status' window holds at-a-glance information about each major component of the system with a status icon indicating if everything is okay. Details about each component can be expanded if needed.

Picking a component on the list will give you a list of options specific to that item. For example, upload can be disabled or enabled by clicking the result uploader.


'Issues' is be everything from critical errors to a warning that an unknown tag has been read.

The issues will appear both in the 'Overall status' window as a summary, and with all details in the 'Issues' window in the bottom right corner.

Use of colors

Green: Everything is okay.
Yellow: Something needs your attention, but probably not urgently.
Red: Error or something you need to pay attention to right away.