Create event + webpage online

There are two ways to create an event using the BBT event management software:

  1. Setup the event using the BBT web browser tool as detailed below. The browser tool is accessed when logged into an account on This allows you to create or edit an event and the associated event web site in the same process.
  2. Setup the event directly in the BBT timing software (backend) which simultaniously creates a simple web page for the event on This web page can be refined at any point to present a proper event web site to the public. Click here (Create event + webpage in BBT) to see how to set up and edit an event using the BBT timing software (backend).

Here is how to create an event using the BBT browser tool:

  • Login to your account on to set up an event
  • Go to 'Admin events' in the menu to the left and press 'Create new event', enter the basic information and 'Save' the event. Do not worry about putting in more advanced information at this point in time

The event has now been created and must be enriched with texts / graphics and details for each of the races within the event. To input data and make changes please click the large blue bottons in the top of the web page. It is always possible to see what the associated web site looks like (and check the input information) by pressing the 'Show entry page' in the 'EVENT PAGE' menu in the top right corner.

It is now possible to setup up the event in details by going through the sub menues in the 'Event setup' menu to the left.